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The Problem with Spammers, and my Solution to this problem

Howdy Folks,

Lately, a fair number of people have been posting comments on my various articles that are not sincere, but are simply ways to use my comments section as a means for spamming. It has become so bad that the only way to deal with it was to erase all of the comments, change things so that nothing can be posted without my permission, and that will make things slower. It is what it is.

I have also taken steps to deal with it spiritually. Simply put, while I much prefer to bless people, I have set up what can best be called "The Curse from Hell" that is destroying the lives of the spammers even now, and it will automatically go after future spammers even though I will not allow their comments to be posted. I have had quite enough of these on line parasites.

A NOTE TO THE SPAMMERS: Whether you have done it before, so are already included in this curse, or you have just come here with such an intention and so are in it now, there is something that you will need to remember when your life is falling apart all around you. Do not bother asking for forgiveness as there shall be no mercy.

I received this comment on the power of our attunements today: 

"Hello, Baba Prajna

Thank you for the Empowerment. I' m already down with it. Thank you again. The Empowerment is most powerful and it works, as all the others by you, beautifully.



P.S: For all the most, I would like to thank you and the HP Priestess TSK in my name, and in the name my best friend RG, for the best initiation in the Universe, for the Great Mother's Goddess Mahakali Initiation.
WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!! Boy it works!!"

I have included this comment for two reasons. One is that I really do prefer to do things that are a blessing to people, but when I have to curse someone instead know that just as our attunements are powerful, and will rock your world in wonderful ways, so too are our curses powerful, and will destroy the lives of any whom I have to do this too. And, while the blessings are filled with joy and love for Mahakali, the curses are filled with rage for having been forced into this position.


Jai Mahakali

Baba Prajna

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