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Understanding the Tantra of the Great Mother

Howdy folks,

The following was sent to me by one of my Apprentices, and I will share it with you, and then expound a bit further on it:

"The following is a lecture by Alan Watts which is very much worth listening to as it is truly thought provoking and is a very fitting modern explanation for Westerners of the symbology of the Great Mother Goddess Kali.  I wish to thank one of my dearest of students for sending it to me.

As most people know on this mailing list, I am a devotee of Kali MA and an initiate of what I would call White, Red and Black Classical or Traditional Tantra.  These colors do not connote a moral stance or judgement such as good or bad but a different level of practice and perhaps at times for different temperaments inherent in the spiritual practitioner.  
White Tantra focuses more on the internal practices such as Meditation, Japa, Pranayama, Dharana such as Visualization etc... and very little on sexual practices if at all.  The aim is Mukti or Spiritual Emancipation above all things.

Red Tantra does include the conscious circulation of the sexual force either within oneself or/and with a partner to awaken the Kundalini Shakti within self for both Transcendence and Immanence of the God/Goddess within self in order to consciously become the Self. This path includes in equal importance Mukti and Bukti (enjoyment) of the world.

Black Tantra which has nothing 'dark' about it embraces the concept of impermanence and acknowledges the fear inherent in this concept which is primarily driven by the ultimate impermanence of what most identify with: their bodies and minds.  Here we have cremation ground practices, the place of predilection to face the ultimate reality and to form a more tangible connection with Kali Herself.  Tantra is after all TANgible TRAnscendence as modern Tantra Master Dr Swami Anandakapila Saraswati would put it.

Tantra by what ever color works with the Forces of Nature and Universal Principles inherent within and outside of ourselves for both tangible inner and outer transformations to occur.  Tantra offers an experiential and existential journey from sperm to worm and from womb to tomb that we call Life.  Life is the Play (Leela) of Eros and Thanatos playing itself out in space and time by which we have this wonderful opportunity to become aware of and participate in through Consciousness.  Don't Waste It!"

There are actually more colors of Tantra than these

Any individual seriously interested in learning and being initiated into Mahakali Tantra - the Path of Freedom, Empowerment and Bliss can contact me on this website whether local, interstate or overseas. We can make this happen for you.


Jai Mahakali

Baba Prajna
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