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Dare to see differently!

Howdy Apprentices and friends,

Physically, we have five senses, and all of them can be used to "see" in the spirit world. Some people can do only one, some do two or three of them, and some people can use all five. But, increasingly, there is a sixth sense that is coming into play where people simply "know" what is there. People with this knowing may still have access to some of the usual ways, but then again, they may not. The only way to learn what ways work for you is to try each one, and note what comes to you in the process. In due time then you will get used to working in the ways that work for you, but simply "knowing" is the hardest one even though it is considered to be the highest evolution in "spiritual sight." In the case of simply knowing, you generally have it right when you know what is there with an unshakable certainty that it is so. 

Of course, a part of the process is understanding what you see. Consider this from our Apprentice in Ireland. A friend of her's recently saw her in the clothes she was wearing at the time, but he saw her with red on her face. In the spirit world we appear according to our thoughts. Physically, she is one of the most beautiful young ladies any of us will ever likely meet in this world, but it the spirit world then we all appear according to the emotions and beauty, or lack of it, in our thoughts. In the spirit world, colors mean a lot of the same things they have attributed to them in this dimension, and we appear according to our emotions. If you are feeling fear or hatred, or love, or contentment, or whatever else, then you will appear according to that feeling, and your color will be the same. 

Last night, from the end of the Divine Puja and for another couple of hours, I put some serious thought into merging with a Layak, and visited the folks who decided to hate me without actually getting to know me yesterday, and today they know my dark side very well! Today I am "evil incarnate" for them, but at just about any other time then they may likely see me as just me minus clothes and maybe in ashes (Wow, a Naked Shaman, imagine that!), as a fun and happy iridescent dragon, or as a gray mist swirling around some buildings somewhere. It all depends upon what I am thinking about, and the same is true for each of you. Want to be beautiful in the spirit world? Think beautiful thoughts, and you will appear in that way. Think dark and ugly thoughts, and that is how you will appear. Feel angry, fearful, depressed, silly, flirtatious, or anything else, and that is how you will be seen in the spirit world. 

If you have the desire to attract lots of lovers then see  and feel yourself as being the hottest and sexiest person alive in the spirit world, and do what you can to be so here and now as well. That is one way in which the frumpiest nerds in the world still often go home with some of the most smoking hot women and young guys on the planet while the supposedly most beautiful and handsome people physically are standing around wondering if they have body odor, bad breath, and/or food stuck in their teeth. When you look great in the spirit world then many others, even those that have no conscious awareness of "knowing", will still look at you, and just "know" that you are the hottest one there. And, the same is true for anything else that you desire to do. Are you looking for a new job? No problem! Look and feel like the most competent person in the spirit world for that position, and your potential employers will feel it too, and if you look the part as best you can physically as well then it will just be that much more obvious to them.

Want to see a specific person in the spirit world? That is easy. Choose to be where they are, and you will see them. See something that looks differently than you expected? Well, you are seeing them as either what they are choosing to wear there, or what their emotions are making them look like. But, it is still them that you are seeing. Having a conversation with them there will help you with this.

NOTE: there are many people who think they cannot get out of their bodies to journey, but who do so all of the time. They have simply decided that it must manifest in a certain way, but it is not. Those people should play with this as well. They just might be surprised.

Work with this a bit, and then let me know if you have any questions.


Jai Mahakali

Baba Prajna
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