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The Special Forces way of doing things that works Spiritually as well as Physically

Two weeks ago two days were spent cutting down and cutting up around 150,000 pounds of dead wood to be used in our two wood burning stoves this coming winter. First of all, I cannot afford to pay around a thousand dollars for it to someone else who would do it for me, secondly, dead trees need to be cut so that we can pick where they fall for our benefit and that of the forest as well, and third, I believe in working HARD, and getting good exercise where I can. People who don't challenge themselves daily don't grow stronger. At that time I told my Apprentices that "tomorrow i will begin putting it into our barn, cutting it into smaller pieces and splitting it. Tomorrow will be BRUTAL as compared to today. Here is an old Special Forces saying for you: "The only easy day was yesterday!" (Because it is over.) In what follows I will share with you some thoughts on what it takes to be physically, mentally and spiritually tough, and yes, you really do need to be all three. That is what our Shamanic Resilient Psychology training is all about." Here is what I told them:

Here is how you develop physical toughness:

Physical Toughness Checklist (All answers need to be yes):
* Did i physically challenge my body today?
* Did I elevate my heart rate and breathing today?
* Did I exercise longer or faster today than yesterday?
* Will I exercise longer or faster tomorrow than I did today?

Here is how you develop mental toughness:

Mental Toughness Checklist (All answers need to be yes):
* Did I identify a fear?
* Did I make preparations to conquer that fear?
* Did I conquer this fear?
* Did I move on to my next fear?

Here is how you develop spiritual toughness:

Spiritual Toughness Checklist (All answers need to be yes):
* Have I identified an area of spiritual mastery that I desire to achieve?
* Did I receive empowerment and study and train to make it so?
* Have I achieved a degree of Mastery along that path?
* Have I identified the next area that I shall pursue when this one is finished?

Day dreaming is a key part of these processes. See yourself meeting the physical, mental and spiritual challenges that you set for yourself. See every possible scenario play out to it's conclusion, and if it ends in what appears to be failure then back up to where it went astray, and see yourself doing something different to get to a successful conclusion that is perfect in every way. For example, I spent some time today seeing myself moving 75 tons of wood to the barn this week, processing it for splitting, and beginning that process. I know how I will do it if it doesn't rain, and I know how I will do it if it does. And, I see myself with powerful, rock hard muscles all over my body when I am finished. And, I know which five dead trees that I will take down and move next week as well. Having seen these things, I then cut down trees, and cut them up according to my plan, and began to move some of the wood to a better place I preparation for what I will do tomorrow.

There are many things that I have feared in the past, and I have faced them one by one. Now I explore them at greater depths of possibility, and overcome them one by one at that deeper level. When I got to where I had conquered my fears for myself then I faced and conquered my fears about what could happen to my family and friends. And, I have dreamed about all of the things that could possibly happen, and how I would respond to it. Now I am over that as well, and I know exactly what I would do in every situation. I have a mental checklist of each thing I would do to overcome those situations, or to make someone rue the day they were born if my family or friends are ever either harmed or killed. I have been perfecting the art of violence for the past 54 years, my extensive medical capabilities for about 45 years, and my spiritual capabilities for 57 years so I am ready for about anything that comes along. And, due to dreaming the ways it can go, and physically training and studying as well, I can do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, without panicking in the process.

Spiritually, I have many attainments behind me, and I make certain that I have new ones that I desire to attain to for every one that has been completed, and I constantly strive to do so, but I do it for a purpose that is greater than just my own desires. I live to serve Mahakali, and seek out and learn new ways to do so while fulfilling the commitments that I have made to her and each of you now. This week I am working on six empowerments, and will complete two or more of them before the week is over. Then I will be studying, meditating, and preparing for the next ones that I have to do as well. And, I will be doing still other things to prepare for my next lifetime. I shall not fail to do these things as I am spiritually tough as well as physically and mentally tough. And, if I was not tough in these other ways then I could not be so spiritually as a Warrior Shaman. Further, the physical and mental aspects would suffer if I were less dedicated and involved spiritually. Each area works together.

So, the above is an example of how these three areas work for me, and it is up to you, Mahakali and your Guardian Animal and Upper Realm Teacher to decide how this sort of thing works for you. So, dream about all of the ways that these can go for you, and explore all of the possibilities. Then, see yourself doing these things over and over again until it becomes second nature for you. Then, start actually doing those things until every part of it is easy to do, and second nature to you so that it becomes simple and automatic. Then, take each step to a new level. Do this diligently, and you will soon discover your purpose for being here, and you will be able to achieve at least some degree of Mastery in the process, and possible a very high degree of it. I have, and because of that I know that each of you can do so as well.

Do whatever you can to be tough in all three ways, and to whatever degree that you can, and everything else will be easier for you than it is for other people who ignore one or more of these areas of challenge. We have another saying in Special Forces that also fits with all three areas, and especially with the spiritual. It says, "You fight like you train." Think about that when you are considering blowing off your daily practice simply because you are tired or not feeling well, and then even if you either can't or don't do what you usually do then at least do something that helps you to learn, stretch and grow, and then resume your usual activities when you can. There is no such thing as a time out in your spiritual life either so make this simple motto your own, "Never quit!"


Jai Mahakali

Baba Prajna
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