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The "Real" People

Howdy Apprentices and friends,

I once got into a fight with a kid from the Kiowa Apache tribe standing up for a firm Cherokee traditional belief that is rooted in complete idiocy. You see, we know ourselves not as Cherokees, but as the Ani-Tsalagiyi which translates as "the Real People". In other words, we are the only real people, and everyone else in the world is a fraud or a fake, and definitely something less than a man. We have other words to support that such as the word "Yoneg" that means "European Nigger", and includes the blacks from Africa, South Asians from India, Thailand and Nepal, and the Chinese, all of whom came here with the Europeans. To us, they may have been all different colors, but they were all still the same, and something less than us. 

We started getting over that during our various "adventures" during World War Two when we had the chance to see everyone else in their home countries, and then when the Civil Rights Movement began in the USA we were there with everyone else, and many of our people thought that it was for the benefit of all "colored people" so we marched through Alabama and Georgia with Martin Luther King and other leaders of civil disobedience at that time. But, in the end they got what they wanted and abandoned us so we went back to hating everyone that was not like us equally once again. 

Now we are living in a divided and dying tribe. The Asaga, being a multi-tribal medicine society, got over ourselves and moved on in life, but the Keetowah still think they are better than everyone else, and that includes other Cherokees (the French and Choctaw Trade Language name for us). Such bad attitudes are really stupid, and they keep us from learning lots of good things and getting to know some truly great people. 

Personally, there are some patriarchal religions and governments that I absolutely despise for their evil ideas that their way is the only way, and that anyone who is not like them is evil. But, the people who are in them are often some of the finest folks that you will ever meet, and we can even learn a thing or two from them about relating better with the Goddess if we are open to learn.

Several years into my second Cherokee Apprenticeship (that allowed me to become a full-fledged Adawehas) There was a life-changing event. Several of us who were members of the American Indian Movement were putting on our warpaint, and getting armed up to go down the road to a place where Sun Bear, Brook Medicine eagle and Wallace Black Elk were teaching a bunch of "Yonegs" about our Native American ways, and we were going to seriously wreck their day. Just as we were about to leave then my Teacher, and a couple of other Teachers, showed up and said that if we went to do what we were planning to do then our Apprenticeships were over, and all of the good that we had received would be turned against us. 

I questioned Henowetak about this, and said that we had the right to stop them since they were evil people and earth destroyers. He said to me, "Yes, and unless we teach them a better way then they always will be destroyers. Now, you go down there with your friends, and you volunteer to do whatever Sun Bear needs you to do." We did exactly that, and they were a bit freaked out at first since we were wearing AIM t-shirts, Cherokee war paint, and had some big knives and tomahawks on our belts. But, once we had talked with Sun Bear then we set about doing the chores of the camp so that the "yonegs" could concentrate on their studies. My assigned task was to clean up some really nasty toilets, and to keep them in working order for the rest of the time. And, as we did it then the students began asking us questions about how to do various things, and we shared what we could with them. When it was all over then we all had some good friendships with them that lasted for many years, and we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were Real People too. 

When each of us returned to our various homes around the country then we received letters from the American Indian Movement informing us that we had been kicked out of the movement for being "race traitors". But, our Teachers were right, and I would rather be considered a race traitor than one who betrayed Mother Earth, and withheld the information from someone that ultimately led to her death at the hands of humans once again. That is why I have promised to never withhold anything from my Apprentices. There may be some requirements for you to receive it all, like doing the foundation courses first, but it is all available to you, and in as much as you can then I also encourage you to share what you learn with other people. After-all, they are real people too, and if you share what you know with them then most of them will do good things with what they learn, and they will share it as well. And, now Raven Mahakali and I are very much involved in combining the Ancient Wisdom of both the East and the West together, and sharing all of that combined wisdom as well. Learning, growing and sharing are all a part of the adventure that we call life, and the greatest part of it is that the adventure never ends.


Jai Mahakali

Baba Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

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