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How to Choose a Guru/Teacher that is Right for You

Howdy folks,

From time to time I check with people who have purchased attunements from us to see how they are doing, and here is a response from one of them:

"I was thinking about you I'm glad you reached out to me.   I recently started working with a shaman who was trained in Siberian Shamanism.  She said that I should pick a path and stick to it instead of jumping around.  I thought of  you having so many traditions under your belt.  Did you learn one tradition at a time?  Was there anything lacking in your training that you kept learning new traditions?  I was also thinking of sexuality and Shamanism.  I remember reading that you had an open marriage is anything acceptable as a Shaman?  Have you gotten to the point where spirituality is more pleasure than sexuality?  I am trying to understand a shaman as a holy man/woman and their sexuality.


Here are my answers to this individual:

"Howdy AH,

Yes, I learned one at a time even though we were often encouraged to do otherwise such as in "Making Your Own Medicine" which is attached, and am a member of the Order of the Red Hand in the Asaga Medicine Society. A part of our mandate is to learn complementary forms of Shamanism to preserve and teach, and sometimes to fill in the gaps left by the murdering Christians who killed off so many of our spiritual leaders during the white invasion of this continent. And, in the Tibetan Kapalika Aghora Path ( we recognize that none of us corner the market on knowing the Creator so we encourage our Apprentices to learn from others along the way just as the Asaga does. What you choose to do is your business, but I encourage you to never give up your free will and autonomy to any spiritual tradition or teacher. Doing so leads to abusive relationships. And, I encourage you to get some books by Mariana Caplan to read before you choose a spiritual teacher, me included, and I also recommend them to my Apprentices regularly. They are very well written, and will save you a lot of trouble along the way:

As to sex and spirituality, the spiritual side of things has always been the most important, and the attached attunement will illustrate that to you. However, traditional Cherokee marriages have always been open marriages. Read about Cherokee morality in "The Way of the Adawehi" which is also attached. 

Let me know if you have anymore questions. It will be my pleasure to help you, and we have begun a blog on our website for this purpose as well.


Jai Mahakali

Baba Prajna"

These are the kinds of questions I would like to be able to respond to on this blog as well, and if any of you who are reading this would like to have the documents referred to here then fill out the Contact Us page, say so, and give me your email address to send them to. It will be my pleasure to do so.

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