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The "Real" People

Howdy Apprentices and friends,

I once got into a fight with a kid from the Kiowa Apache tribe standing up for a firm Cherokee traditional belief that is rooted in complete idiocy. You see, we know ourselves not as Cherokees, but as the Ani-Tsalagiyi which translates as "the Real People". In other words, we are the only real people, and everyone else in the world is a fraud or a fake, and definitely something less than a man. We have other words to support that such as the word "Yoneg" that means "European Nigger", and includes the blacks from Africa, South Asians from India, Thailand and Nepal, and the Chinese, all of whom came here with the Europeans.

How to Choose a Guru/Teacher that is Right for You

Howdy folks,

From time to time I check with people who have purchased attunements from us to see how they are doing, and here is a response from one of them:

"I was thinking about you I'm glad you reached out to me.   I recently started working with a shaman who was trained in Siberian Shamanism.  She said that I should pick a path and stick to it instead of jumping around.  I thought of  you having so many traditions under your belt.  Did you learn one tradition at a time?

What this Blog is For?

I am asked many questions every week by both Apprentices and students, and by the general public, and each week seems to have a theme. The primary purpose of this blog is to address those recurring themes so that people will gain a shamanic perspective in dealing with them. But, it is my desire for there to be more to this blog than just that.

Another purpose is to address the differences between the Tibetan Kapalika Aghora Path, which is a Left-Hand Path Tibetan Tantric process, as compared to the Right-Hand Path Aghora practices of India.
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