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The information on this site is a blend of various shamanic traditions with a major emphasis towards matriarchal forms of Cherokee Medicine and Celtic and Bon Jhankri (Tibetan) Shamanism. We offer a variety of services as well that you may take advantage of as you so desire. On our part, we desire that you will become more empowered with every article that you read, every course that you take, or ritual that is done on your behalf.
The holidays are over, and so is our special pricing for that time, but we have other specials available to those who desire to ramp up their spiritual lives and healing capabilities. We are adding some packages for which you can receive a 20% discount for purchasing the entire package up front, or you can commit to pay it out and receive a 10% discount on the overall price. And, we will be adding some exciting new programs over the course of the next few months so check back often. 

Our courses and packages come with a special bonus for everyone. We are a non-profit  Native American religious association called Naturopathic and Shamanic Services, Inc, and we fulfill our status by giving each customer at least as much as they have paid, and often more, in free courses besides what was purchased. We do not allow them to pick and choose what they will receive, but do so in accordance with the guidance given to us by the Great Mother Goddess and the Spirits of Nature. 

Apprentices are available in the Kapalika Aghora Path. Those people who have what it takes to become Apprentices also receive hundreds of other courses that are not even listed on this website. To find out about Apprenticeship then visit the page by that name which is the 24th from the top. All Apprenticeships are done on a donation (guru dakshina) basis. Considering the world economy at this time then that may be monetary, direct services or acts of loving kindness to the less fortunate ones in our world. Visit the Aghora Apprenticeship page for further details. NOTE: The basic Shamanism Apprenticeship is no longer available. 
NOTE: All of our courses include three years of free consultations on how to make them work the best for you. This includes advice concerning healing work, spiritual growth and passing attunements to your own students when you become ready to do so. Our ultimate goal is your complete empowerment.
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With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
Donations for Hands-on Services
We will help anyone we can, and do our share of charity work, but we are just like you and have bills to pay. If you receive a direct service or ritual from us, other than the courses that you may order on this website, then you are expected to give a donation for it, and can do so here. If you don't know what to donate then consider what you would want to receive if you had our level of training and experience, and balance that with your current financial situation. Listen to the Goddess and She will guide you to a happy medium.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
Dr. Sir Clifford Alford in his ritual room in Tulsa, OK USA.
We expect to be teaching classes in Ithaca, NY soon, and will add those dates and locations to the website in January of 2012. Check back soon for more updates.
A partial view for the Temple near Richford and Harford, NY from above.
Attention resellers: The courses written by Prajna Shiva Kalidasa or Clifford N. Alford cannot be sold for less than the full retail price shown on this website, and can never be used on buy one get one free or more sites, free attunement sites or swap sites. Anyone caught doing otherwise will experience both legal and spiritual wrath.

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