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Warrior Knights of the Golden Circle

There are many things which were hoped to be a thing of the past after this last dark Cycle of Ages we have just moved out of, but recent events in several parts of the world, as well as certain “enlightened” beings deciding to do other things than what they contracted to come here for, have guaranteed that we will be having yet another Dark Cycle. What remains to be seen is just how dark it really will be, or if more Light will be available to us than we had the last time around. Like it or not, much of our hope for a greater degree of Light lies with the Warrior Knights. As a Knight Templar, and as a Knight of the Grand Council of an even more secretive Order than the Knights Templar, I can assure you that we are up to the task, and it is our hope that you too will become a Warrior Knight.

There is a difference between those who are Knights versus those who are Warriors, but in most cases it is not a big difference. Knights are a part of an Order that trains and directs them in the fulfillment of their higher calling while Warriors are often not a part of an Order and so may or may not choose to serve a higher cause. However, many do. Before I received the Accolade of a Knight Templar I was a mercenary warrior who only fought according to the principles by which I have chosen to live my life. In contrast, I knew a few others who did not, and I occasionally fought on opposite sides of various conflicts with them. I do not mourn their passing. The world is a better place without them. 

While there are Warriors who do not lead principled lives the ones we will be covering here do so. Essentially, to my way of thinking, there are two kinds of people in this world. There are those who live lives based upon principles, and there are those who live subjectively according to their feelings. A true knight or Warrior will live or die by the Oaths they have taken while the “sheeple” will simply do what feels best to them. Religions and governments really like lots of sheeple, and they fear the true Warrior or Knight. Sheeple often fear the religions and governments too, and they hope and pray for the Warrior to come and save them, and some even choose to follow the Warrior’s example and become better than they were before.

I have a Black Belt in Ninjutsu that qualifies me to be a member of a very exclusive training group of modern day Ninjas. Suffice it to say that we and our Teacher are all Warriors who live by a higher calling than simply serving ourselves, and that we tend to define things differently than the average man or woman. Many of the definitions given here are relayed directly from Master Scott Bolan to you here. Some are a mixture of both his and mine, and sometimes they come from others all together. So, here we go:

  1. A Warrior is one who understands the violent nature of mankind; acknowledges the precious sanctity of life; accepts the noble responsibility to protect and defend it, and the duty to prepare him or herself by orienting and prioritizing his or her life to carry out that mission.
  2. A Knight is a Warrior who has taken a Blood Oath to an organization or Order of Knights to fulfill a higher calling of service for a cause or mission, and may be either female or male.
  3. Fighting and combat is the willful direction of energy to accomplish a Warrior or Knight’s personal goals. It may be in a physical or spiritual confrontation, wrestling with one’s own personal demons and shadows, in business or any other aspect of life.
  4. WAR is an acronym meaning We Are Ready! In “The Art of War”, written by Sun Tzu, he said that all of life is war, and he is right. As such, true happiness is victory.
  5. FEAR is also an acronym meaning False Evidence Appearing Real. Sun Tzu also taught, as does Master Scott, that we are to “lay our lives at the feat of our enemy”. As Scott puts it, we are not to be a martyr or to surrender, but that this means that we are to release all attachment to the outcome so that it matters not whether we live or die, but only that we fulfill our mission. When we give up our fear of Death, and focus upon our goal, then victory is more likely assured. Such is the Way of the Ninja that gives us the ability to stay focused on our goal.
  6. Mushin (Moo-shin) is a Japanese term that means “Mind, no mind”. We train intensely so that we can gain the ability to fight instinctively and without thought. This gives us the ability to easily be in the “zone” and to be hyper-aware of all that is going on around us.
  7. Zanshen is the ability to fight and move instinctively so that we often know what our opponent is going to do even before he does it. This often allows us to defeat our enemy psychically so that it is not required to fight him physically.
  8. Fighting is generally perceived by us as a non-lethal altercation such as a controlled activity in a dojo with rules and referees.
  9. Combat is a violent confrontation that will most likely end in the death or maiming of one or both combatants. There are no rules except to win, and there is no one there to save you if the other guy fights dirty, and in which if you are not prepared to do whatever it takes to win then you are a fool for being there. This is not a “win-win” situation, and only an idiot thinks it can be.
  10. An Injury is not simply a cut or a bruise but a serious life-changing event that causes the person who is injured to lose the ability to function in some major way either temporarily or permanently. Such an injury is something such as a ruptured eyeball, broken knees, ruptured groin, skull fractures…etc.

As a Knight Templar I have taken a Blood Oath to neither accept nor give Quarter. In other words, I will not surrender as long as I am physically able to continue my attack, and I do not take prisoners. If someone attacks me then it is not a fight but is a killing, and I will either destroy him or her utterly or die trying. And, I will live a strict and disciplined life based upon the Knightly principles of our Order. And, uncommon to the popular myths fostered by movies and television, a true Ninja has an even stricter code than any European Knight will ever follow. That is the reason for giving you these definitions here. Various kinds of Knights have different qualities, and what we know about ourselves is not what the common man believes to be true.

The Heart of a Warrior

Hatred will destroy a person faster than just about anything other than a swift and violent death. It is for this reason that true warriors don’t fight against what they hate, but do fight for what they love. Every day a true warrior thinks about what he or she loves, and expresses gratitude for it. And, acknowledges once again their determination to fight, and possibly die, for it.
If there is nothing in your life for which you can feel such a level of dedication then the life of a warrior is likely not for you. When the going gets rough you will not have what it takes to keep going if you do not have something that you believe in to motivate you. There are some fools in this world who talk about how glorious it is to fight and die in battle. I can promise you that they have never done so themselves or they would not be saying such stupid things. If you live through a battle then you will feel many things, and the only positive one will be exhilaration from having lived through it that will soon be replaced by grief for lost friends, guilt from having lived when those who were either in your charge or better than you have died, and a deep, bone weary exhaustion. Add to this the spiritual, emotional and/or physical injuries that you may have and the supposed glory is long gone. When you experience this then the only thing that will motivate you to go on will be the love that you have and the ideals for which you live.
If you only want to destroy what you hate in the world then you will soon be just as dark and depraved as what you hate. Energy goes where attention flows. Concentrate on what you hate instead of what you love, and you will become the very thing that you hate. I made this mistake myself in 1984, and it took me the better part of ten years to get over it, and I still lost a lot in the process that I cannot recover in this lifetime. Fight only for what you love.

Love is a good thing, but temper it with a strong dose of grim reality. Temper it first with the commitment that the only mercy you will show toward your enemy is a swift death. And, save your compassion for your friends and fellow warriors after the battle is over. Those who act with compassion toward their enemies wind up being killed by them which keeps them from breeding and passing on their gross stupidity in the face of reality. Some success in war is pure dumb luck, but most of it is excellence in the ways of war, and a good warrior mind-set that is rooted in reality rather than in fairy tales. 

As both a Knight Templar and a Knight of the Grand Council I have taken Oaths to never surrender and to never take prisoners. In other words, when the battle is joined then either my enemy or I, or both of us, will die before it is over. All Knights, and some Warriors, take Oaths and we both live and die by them. A Blood Oath is serious in ways that extend far beyond this lifetime, and you should be aware of them before you ever take one. If you betray your Oath in this life then you will pay for it in either one or more future lifetimes. It is what it is, and there shall be no mercy.

Living the Dream

Personally, I am not a member of the Warrior Knights of the Golden Circle, but I know their Grand Masters very well, and you will never know a better man in all of your life than the Grand Master of the Outer Circle with whom you will begin. And, they can teach you to do things that many of you will never have dreamed to be possible. Become one of them, and you will truly become better for it, and it matters not whether you are a woman or a man. This is not a sexist organization, and women and men are accepted equally, and anyone can rise to the level of their ability. I will tell you now that this is not an "Affirmative Action" organization. The exact same standards apply to everyone, and no one is given a break due to their race, color, creed, sex or religion. If you desire to be a Knight with this organization then you will have to earn it. If you are interested in joining them then fill out the "Contact Us" page on this website, and I will forward it to them.

“Arise a Knight!”

One of my favorite movies came out several years ago. It is called “Kingdom of Heaven”, and featured Orlando Bloom as a new and untested Knight going through the process of becoming both a man and a perfect Knight. In one part of the movie he is challenged by the Patriarch of Jerusalem who says something to the effect of, “What good does it to make a man a Knight? Does it make him a better fighter?” after the character played by Bloom has knighted everyone from slaves to men at arms who were willing to accept it. When I first heard this question I was in a movie theater where I scared a bunch of people as I yelled “YES!” at the top of my lungs. I was already a seasoned and proven Warrior when I was first Knighted, and I can tell you for a fact that it changed my life and made me both a better man and a better Warrior in every way. It will do so for you as well.

Do you see injustice and chaos around you? Do you desire to help others and lead them into a better way of life? Are you willing to live according to the principles and characteristics of a true Knight? If so then fill out the contact form, and see if you have what it takes to become a Warrior Knight of the Golden Circle!
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