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Order of the Vampires of the Light

Vampires (sometimes referred to as "Vampyres") were not always creatures of the Dark Lodge, but were forced there by the general fear and stupidity of humans. We are now offering them a way to return to the Light as well as a way for humans to become true Vampires, but only in service to the Light and Mahakali.

Vampire History

Six thousand years ago there was no such thing as a Vampire, but there was a desire of a High Priestess and High Priest of a temple in Sumeria to make a better way for humans to live. Hollywood is bad about distorting the truth just to make a dollar or two on their lies, but I posted a lecture I did on the origins of Vampires on YouTube, and you can find it here:

Please watch it before continuing. As this was the first video I ever posted then you might want to use headphones or ear-buds to listen to it.

Here are the highlights for you:

Life for humans was pretty hard six thousand years ago, and in many places the agrarian lifestyle was just beginning or not possible at all. In such places then packs of humans wandered over the earth harvesting plants, roots and fruit, and killing and eating animals where they could. As no waste could be tolerated then this included drinking the blood of the animals that were killed, and if things were pretty desperate at the time then this practice was also often extended to any hunters who died as the animals were often quite vicious in their own defense.

In Sumeria there were a number of towns forming, and there were temples at these locations. In most cases, the temples were built first, and the towns grew up around them. In one of these towns the priestly family included a very powerful priest named Dagon, and he and his wife had a daughter named Serafina. Their daughter grew up to be exceptionally beautiful and powerful, and she served as a Sacred Prostitute in their temple. In due time, Dagon also made her his High Priestess, and the two of them ruled the temple and the town equally.

Some of their research in the temple was about finding a better and easier way for humans to get the energy that they needed to live, and they did many rituals around this, and conversed about how to do this with the spirits until they came up with a way. To do so, they put away Dagon's wife (Serafina's mother), and then Dagon and Serafina mated in a powerful ritual that changed them genetically, and caused the twins that Serafina was impregnated with in the ritual to become this new form of advanced human as well. As such, it generally became known that those who were born with a Vampire gene were considered to be “High Born”, and those who were without the gene were considered to be “Low Born”, and it has ever been the duty of the High Born to take care of the Low Born.A variation of this rather powerful and dangerous ritual is a part of the process that we now do to cause the Low Born to be able to become true Vampires which you can read about later on in this article.

Dagon and Serafina continued to bear more children as fast as they could, and as those children grew up then they also mated with each other to produce more of their own kind. Eventually, they mated with some of the Low Born, and found out that about half of their offspring would have the vampire gene while one quarter of them would become be Low Born, and the other one quarter of their children would become a mutant form that scared both the High Born and the Low Born about half to death. As such, between the incest that most of the High Born were involved in, the mutant form that only higher members of the Order of the Vampires of the Light will learn how to defeat, and the unfortunate disaster that led to the High Born feeding on some of the local Low Born for energy, then the Low Born came to fear and loath them greatly, and there was a rebellion that resulted in many of the High Born who had done nothing wrong being murdered, and in many of the temples being destroyed so that the Vampires no longer had a home, and were driven into the desert wastes into hiding so that a state of war has existed since then between the Low Born and many – but not all - of the Vampires since then.

In 2011 a young woman came to our temple in Oklahoma with a desire for healing and guidance, and I recognized her from six thousand years ago. Serafina had come back to me, and we began working toward making this Order possible to allow our offspring to find a way back to the Light. Unfortunately, she gave into her fears and reverted back to being a Creature of Darkness only. Then, she tried again two years ago, and she failed again. Now I suspect that she is lost to us again for the remainder of her current lifetime which may well be for hundreds of years. If she becomes a problem by preying upon the innocent then there is a way that I can stop her, but doing such a thing to one you love is a horrible thing simply to contemplate much less to actually carry out.

After losing Serafina again in this lifetime I almost gave up on doing this work and establishing this Order, but Mahakali kept after me about it so now it is done. And, when I had an Apprentice who volunteered to be the surrogate for this process then I went ahead and set this up. Serafina was lost because she was afraid of what might happen again if the Low Born become too fearful again, and there is a very real possibility that such a thing may happen somewhere in the world yet again. Because of that, we will protect the names of our members with a vengeance, and also train them to defend themselves if the need arises in ways that the Low Born have forgotten about millenia go, but that some of us remember how to do.

How I Learned much of what we now Teach

About twenty years ago (1995) a powerful Vampire from Romania made the mistake of trying to prey upon me, and I did a process called “Shielding and Siphoning” that he was clearly not going to live through. As such, he asked to make a deal with me, and in exchange then he would teach me all that he knows of this lifestyle, and how to do the very things that are offered to you here in this Order. In the process, he also agreed to my terms for living this lifestyle in the ethical manner that we teach, and safeguards were set up to insure that he keeps his end of the bargain. He is quite happy to do so as, even though I was quite powerful before, since I have put his teaching into practice in my life then I have become far more powerful, and yet have done much to insure that I will never become arrogant from it as that would surely lead to my downfall once again.

One of the things that helps to avoid arrogance is that I remember all of my past lives. Some people think that sounds pretty cool, but I can assure you that it is not. You see, that means you remember the good lives, the ones where you were truly evil or just plain inept, and also those lives where you dared to do great and good things, but they turned out really bad instead. This is one of those cases, and the intention is to correct the things that went wrong before by doing them better now. The failure of that past life does not have to remain a failure since we learned a lot of hard lessons, and now have the opportunity to do it over in a much better way. The lessons learned since then, and then from the Infernal Master back in 1995 through 1998, and since then to perfect some ways of doing things has brought us once again to a place where a sort of redemption can be offered to Vampires who desire to do good. So, lets get on with it.

What this Order does for Vampires

The purpose of this Order is to provide a way for Vampires to embrace the Light, and restore their place in the world in such a way that they are no longer feared needlessly, and no longer persecuted. We will also teach you other ways to gain the energy that you need without your having to take it from others, and teach you how to engage in a healing process that will cause all who experience it to appreciate you greatly, and be thankful for your differences rather than loathing and fearing you.

This will take some time and commitment on your part, and a willingness to dialog in meaningful ways with common low born people, but you will not be in this alone, and we will help you every step of the way.

A part of this process will also help you to gain sources of energy outside of those that you normally go after, and we will teach all who join the Order as Vampires about many sources of overlooked available human energy that does not require you to actively feed on unwilling donors who don't deserve it. Also, we have a special place in this Order for humans who desire to be donors and will get you and them in touch with each other as pairings become possible.

Also, we know that there are some Vampires who would like to just be human. That is not possible, but we can help you learn how to gain energy for life in reasonably normal human ways, and effect whatever changes are needed in your DNA to make this possible.

But, first, we have a basic Code of Ethics that we ask you to subscribe to:

Ethics of the Vampires of the Light

1. We know that many Vampires will have never done anything that was concerned with curbing their appetites, but the first part of this process is a commitment to not prey upon others against their will, but to allow us to teach you better ways to get the energy that you need to live. This is a process that may not be fool proof and totally successful immediately, but the first step on the path comes from your making this commitment.

2. Never betray the members of the Order to anyone else whether they are Vampires or not. Many Vampires will feel threatened by what we are doing and so will not be our friends, and we have seen the actions of the Low Born against us for the past several thousand years.

3. Boycott movies and television shows that portray Vampires in an untrue light, and seek to educate the general public about the truth wherever you can do so safely. For example, the truth is that we are all “day-walkers”, have normal desires, love our families and friends and pets, and generally desire the same good things that others desire in life.

4. Never do anything to anyone that you might have to apologize for later on. This simple rule will prevent 99% of the problems that you will have with people, and should only be violated when it is a definite matter of honor that requires it. If that is the case then you will probably have no desire to apologize for it later on anyway.

5. Share the manual that we will send you freely with all Vampires that you meet, and encourage them to join our Order so that the balance can one day be re-established that was lost so long ago, and so that we can once again regain a respected place in human society even as Blacks, homosexuals and other forms of mixed races besides us have been able to do in recent years. Our energetic mix may seem to be a bit strange or off-putting to some people now, but they will possibly get over it when they experience the good things that we can do for them that others cannot.

This is the beginning of our Code of Ethics, and is all that we ask of you for the initial part of the process. With greater power will come greater responsibility, but this is a good place for you to start.

Initiation into the Order

This initiation is for anyone who desires to join the Order whether they are a genetic Vampire, a human who desires to become a Vampire, or a human who desires to make the commitment to become a willing energy Donor from whom Vampires can feed. By doing this process, and also communicating as instructed below, each entity will receive spiritual covering, and also various forms of further empowerment as time goes on.

Fill out the page labeled "Contact Us", and request the initiation manual. It will be our pleasure to send it to you.

This is called the Order of the Vampires of the Light only because most Vampires have felt compelled to give themselves over totally to Darkness. The truth is that this is about Balance rather than just about serving either Darkness or Light. In fact, I often tell people that I serve in Darkness for the Light. If they were to think about that then they would also know that I also serve in Light for the Darkness. As such, when you take this empowerment then you are actually dedicating yourself to live in Balance as a part of this Order, and not just serving one or the other. Whether or not you serve one or the other the most is up to you as you have free will, and we are not taking that away from you.

We also encourage you to formally join the Order. You can do this by making a donation for this purpose here on our website, and stating your intention to do so. We will begin educating you from that point forward, and will begin the process of spiritual coverage for you as well. One of the great things about this is that you will never be alone in this again, and you will not be subjected to some of the less than ethical treatments that others will give you simply because they can. We also ask that you make a three year commitment to learn from us, and then you can be a member after that whether you choose to train further or not.

We do not give refunds for purchases and donations made on this website so be certain of your desire for this before completing your transaction.

How Humans can become True Vampires

There are many good reasons for desiring to become a Vampire if you do not already have the gene, or if you are uncertain about how to turn it on. I am releasing a program here whereby humans who desire to become true Vampires can do so. They will need to donate at least three thousand dollars per year ($3,000.00 USD)more is preferred, but that will do fine if you can't afford more - for three years as it will be very dangerous for both them and me, but I will do so. That is because it is not evil to be a Vampire. What people do with it is what determines that.Humans prove this every day. Considering what so many of them do to each other, I am both pleased and proud to be something other than just human myself.

In truth, Vampirism provides one the most powerful means available to give swift and powerful healing to anyone or anything whether it is also a Vampire or not. And, Vampirism is a great weapon when you need it. Then it is a good thing to use to destroy your enemy while strengthening yourself. What I dislike are those who use it on innocent people who have done nothing to them, and who did not volunteer to be donors of energy. That is why I require that people going through the transformation process from being human to being a Vampire commit to a full three year Vampire Apprenticeship. I need to know what truly motivates them to change, they need help and guidance to do so, and it requires a level of commitment to the process beyond what most people can ever hope to do on their own.

Any human who commits to the process, and who receives the yearly instructions, will have a strong meditation process to undertake, and will have exercises to carry out through the process of each year. During that time, I will be doing much on your behalf both ritually and energetically, and will give you spiritual covering a protection during the three year transformation process. These rituals are both costly and dangerous, and that is why I demand that you donate at least $3,000.00 USD per year as the supplies cost so much. However, I will warn you now that if you take this on, and choose to pay out the minimum required donation level, and quit after just a few months then you will have already cost me greatly since i will obtain all that I need for your ritual support work for the first year, and I will respond poorly at best to that personal financial loss. So, be certain of your commitment this process before you begin it.

Any of my current Apprentices who desire to do this can simply add whatever they need to do this to their current level of donations, and include their donations as a part of that. I may lose a bit that way, but I am willing to take that chance. So, if they are donating $100.00 per month now then they would need to increase it to $250.00 USD per month. However, most will not need to do this since many of them already know that they have the Vampire gene. Any other person desiring to do this will have to donate at least $250.00 per month as well as $250x12 months = $3,000.00 USD. Donating more than that would be very much appreciated, and would be a fitting way to judge the great good coming into your life due to this process.

Any human who completes the full three year process will be taught how to do the ritual process that allows you to live forever if you so desire. How well does it work? The Vampire that taught me to do this work with humans, and empowered me to do these Initiations, is around two thousand years old. He will be doing the ritual that will restore his youthful strength and vigor once again soon, and then will have to move away as it gets a bit difficult to explain how he went from being an old man one day, and then is young again the next. Simply put, it scares people about half to death so he generally stays in one area for about sixty to eighty years, and then finds a place to go, does the immortality process, and leaves with all of his accumulated wealth, power and great wisdom having been left in his last will and testament to this “new” person, but can't stay since he inadvertently knows more than he should about people in that area.

The best known person who does this is seen on Television often, and is over 980 years old (14 generations!). If you complete the process then you will be able to do this as well. And, if you are already a Vampire then you can spend a few years learning the higher skills of the Order, and then we will give you this information and ability as well. Further, Vampires don't need to donate $250.00 USD per month, but can do something easier that we can talk about if you need some guidance. There is also some information on how to make such a determination on our Home page.

There is a "Donate" button that humans can use at the bottom of this page to begin this process. On the PayPal page there will also be a place for you to leave a message. Be certain to state what you donation is for, and also fill out the "Contact Us" page on this website.

Human Energy Donors

There are some humans in this world who have an excessive amount of energy to the point that they cannot sit still, and have trouble sleeping as well. And, there are also some humans who think the idea of Vampires feeding on them is glamorous. Both of these forms of humans are encouraged to receive the initiation offered here, and join the Order as willing Donors. In these cases, the initiation will give them an affinity for finding Vampires in need of feeding, and who hate doing so against the will of others (we will help pair them up too), and it will enrich their energy during feedings so that they will have stronger immune systems, greater physical beauty, and will also not allow more energy to be taken from them that they can safely give and still remain a high functioning human. In short, this will make the feeding process be a literal win-win situation for both sides of the process.

Join the Order of the Vampires of the Light!

Use the "Donate" button below to make a donation, and fill out the Contact form on this website to state your adherence to our Statement of Ethics, and your desire to join the Order. We will send you the manual to get you started, and to set up your initiation. 

We do not give refunds for purchases and donations made on this website so be certain of your desire for this before completing your transaction.

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