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Richford, NY Service Days and Times
We offer a wide range of services. See below for details:
Cherokee Medicine Way Mondays:
This is an ongoing class in a three year series that anyone can join at any time without needing to make up previously missed sessions. In these classes you will have the opportunity to learn about Cherokee Medicine and Shamanism, and to determine if this is something that you may desire to Apprentice in as a vocation.  These classes cover such subjects as healing with crystals, stones, herbs, feathers, water and sunlight, and much more that is given in detail on the "Ithaca, NY Classes" page. Driving directions to our location, and a map, are given at the bottom of this page in red.
The subject for April 16th's class will be on Cherokee forms of Acupressure, and the prescriptions we use for various ailments for the first hour, and some of the ways we work in the spirit world to gain information. On April 23rd our class will be on Shape-shifting into plants, animals and stones for the purpose of learning to better communicate with them and to work with their energy, and to shape-shift into corporate entities for the purpose of helping activists effect change from the inside out rather than having to confront people head-on in ways to which they are naturally resistant.
Spiritual Healing & Counseling:
We are available to help anyone who has a need with spiritual healing energy and counseling in how to overcome chronic conditions using natural means, how to handle the general concerns of life, and give spiritual advice and direction. Using both Cherokee Medicine and the pre-Hindu form of Tibetan Shamanism, we are able to address most of the situations that arise in life. You can get some idea of the scope of issues we are willing to deal with by looking at all of the information on this website.
If you have an acute situation that does not require surgery or stitches then we are available to help our neighbors as best dictated by the bounds of traditional Cherokee Medicine using methods that have stood the test of time for the past 40,000 years. When you need help for anything then call my cell phone at 918-706-8171, and if I am home then I will help you here directly, and if not then will do what I can from a distance and by phone. For acute situations we advise you now to obtain tinctures of Lobelia and Cayenne to have on hand as well as a Bach Flower Essence remedy called Rescue Remedy.
This is what I do, and encourage you to do as well: I keep these three items on hand for emergencies. If you do so then we can take you through the process, personally if needed, but begin with a single spray of the Rescue Remedy into your mouth, and follow that a minute later with five drops of Tincture of Lobelia under your tongue, and then with ten drops of Lobelia in a little water one minute later. Five minutes later then take as strong a dose of Tincture of Cayenne as you can handle, and then repeat the Lobelia five minutes later.
This has been the main process for handling acute situations in Cherokee Medicine for thousands of years. We Adawehi (Matriarchal Cherokee spiritual leaders, healers and medicine people) do this, and then do the appropriate spiritual healing and body manipulation to help for the next half an hour, and then we re-evaluate the situation, and do this again if the client is still in an acute situation.
If someone is having an acute asthma attack then put three drops of Tincture of Lobelia under their tongue, and then call so that we can set an appointment when I can show you what my grandmother did to get me over what was supposed to have been a fatal condition. The MDs said I would be dead before I was twelve years old, but she and the Spirits of Nature had other plans for me. They also surgically implant lots of Eustachian tubes in children when just about any parent can be taught how to clear them in about five minutes negating the "need" for the surgery. She did that for me too! 
Whether you are in an acute situation or not, then we are willing to teach anyone how to do this for themselves. You never know when you may be in a situation where there is no one to help you (i.e.: storms, lost in the woods, economic collapse and/or traveling), and it will up to you to either help or helplessly watch someone die.
Here is something to consider: Natural forms of healing, such as Cherokee Medicine and ancient forms of Shamanism, have stood the test of time for over 100,000 years that we know of. That means that what we do is the true "Traditional Medicine". MDs have only been around since 1883, and that means that what they do (poisoning the symptoms of the body and the spirit with synthetic drugs) is the "alternative medicine". Granted, if I am in a car wreck, and have broken bones and deep wounds, then I prefer that they knock me out with their drugs, and put me back together while I am asleep. I can always clean out their toxins later on. But, for anything else I much prefer the natural way, and we will teach you what we do so that you can do it for yourself and for others. The choice is your's as to whether you prefer personal empowerment or their poisons.
What this will "cost" you: We are a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit Native American religious association, and we work for donations, and do not try to make you give up your spiritual beliefs for our's like some non-profit organizations try to do. Whatever you choose to believe is your Constitutional right, and as a US Army veteran I am sworn to uphold and defend all of our Constitutional rights as long as I am alive. I will not violate your's in any way, and won't tolerate anyone violating mine, but will help you in any way that I can. The same is true of Raven Mahakali and of my Apprentices.
Phurba Ritual in honor of Mahakala followed by the Yab-Yum Ghau Blessing:
This service is dedicated to Mahakala, the consort of Goddess Mahakali. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a Phurba ritual and to receive a Phurba healing or blessing. A Yab-Yum Ghau blessing will be provided for all participants who so desire it following the service. For more information on the Phurba ritual see the page entitled "Free Articles and E-Books", and read "The Way of the Phurba".
This service is open to the general public, and is every Sunday evening from 6PM - 7:30PM. This is a clothing optional service, and our only rule is that you do nothing that you may have to apologize for later. "An it harm none (Either the other person or yourself), do what you will" shall be the whole of the Law.
Donations are appreciated.
Mahakali Worship Service
The Mahakali worship service will give you the opportunity to learn the Mahakali mantras, and to learn about Her worship in a more profound way. This will include an initiation into the mantra if you so desire it. The initiation will bind you to Mahakali making it possible for you to be rid of your negative karma, no longer be impeded by weak or negative planets in your astrological chart, gain fearlessness without the loss of good common sense, and brings fulfillment of your desires. It also bestows spiritual powers, increases wealth and good health, gives victory over enemies, defeats black magic used against you by returning it to your enemies seven times stronger than it came to you, strengthens your willpower and enhances psychic capabilities. This initiation also gives a continuity of consciousness that enables you to see how humankind has harmed the earth in the current Cycle of Ages, and also what we have done right so that we can do better in the future. 
 Being nude during this service is required as it makes the energies you receive infinitely stronger. All fabrics weaken energy and mutate it to some degree, and any synthetic fabrics can even cause the otherwise good energies to mutate into something really destructive besides the fact that they give off formaldehyde gas for up to four years after their manufacture which your body absorbs. So, if you want to receive the greatest energetic empowerment possible, but are possibly worried about being nude with people whom you don't know, then invite one or more friends to come with you who are interested in participating in the ritual, and have them contact us for an interview as well.
Attendance is by invitation only so you should use the contact form if you are interested. Be certain to give a phone number and times when it would be best to call you. The interview will take approximately fifteen minutes,and will cover your interest in attending, your spiritual goals and aspirations, and what you can expect to experience here. Please use the form located on the "Contact Us" page for your initial contact.
We have moved to 744 Creamery Road Richford, NY 13835. We expect to be completely moved in by the end of October, and have a fully functional Shamanic Mahakali Temple in operation there no later than the 1st of December, 2011. However, services will commence no later than the 8th of November.
While the address is in Richford, it is easier to find us by going to Harford, NY on Rt. 38/200, and then turning south on Creamery Road which is about three blocks into town if you are coming from Ithaca and/or Dryden, NY. The addresses will go down to #21 , and then you will cross into Tioga County where the addresses will "magically" go up to 744. You will find us in that "magical" area on the east side of the road.
744 Creamery Road
Richford, NY 13835-1241
Ph: 918-706-8171
Tuesday: Mahakali Worship 11:30PM - 1AM (By invitation only). You may apply to attend through the form found in the Contact section of this website.
Sunday: Mahakala/Phurba Ritual 10AM - 11:30AM
Other times by appointment only
Dr. Sir Clifford Alford with his Tibetan Wisdom Sword called the "Protector of Kali".
Teaching schedule, with subjects and descriptions, at Crystal Bay Marina Resort just west of Skiatook, OK:
Native American Health, Medicine, Lifestyle, and Philosophy
Head Instructor:  Henowetak  (The Strange Man) AKA: Prajna Shiva Kalidasa, Cherokee Medicine Man and Tibetan Kali Naga Shaman.
Meetings and Topics as Scheduled Below:
July 10,    Pipe & Tobacco Ritual    (do you need to end your smoking habit?)    (Crystal Bay Marina) – Learn why Tobacco is the most sacred herb in North America, and how to use it to bring great blessings in to your life as well as for healing diseases that nothing else works for. And, learn how to quit smoking casually which brings a curse into your life for disrespecting the spirits of this powerful herb. Two pipe rituals will be taught as well as how to turn every cigarette smoked into a prayer. You will also learn about blow pipes and the Tobacco healing Ritual.
July 24,    Sun & Moon Meditations           (Crystal Bay Marina) – Both the sun and the moon have great power and wise spirits. Learn how to tap into those spirits to gain that power for yourself as well as how to gain guidance in your life from them.
August 7,      The Elements            (Crystal Bay Marina) – The five elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit are the primary forces that rule this world. Learn how to work with them so that you can walk in balance in this world developing a lifetime filled with love, peace and prosperity.
August 21,    Healing with Crystals and Stones           (Crystal Bay Marina) – Crystals and stones are powerful healers and also useful for many kinds of empowerment and protection. Learn about the ancient Cherokee wisdom concerning this subject.
September 11,     Vision Quest        (Crystal Bay Marina) – The vision quest is one of the most powerful experiences in the life of a traditional Cherokee. Learn about who they are conducted, preparations for doing them, and what to expect when you go on one yourself. In this class you will also learn about the seven powers that come from the traditional vision quests in an Asaga Cherokee apprenticeship, and how you can gain these powers for yourself.
September 25,    About REIKI     (energy healing)    The making of Reiki Masters        (Crystal Bay Marina) – The truth about Reiki, what it is and what it is not, will certainly surprise you as will how to make it work best and the many things that you can do with it. There are also things you need to know to make it truly be good energy, and to keep it from causing harm instead. Reiki was restored to the Japanese in the last century, but it was never lost to traditional Native Americans. Learn what we know about it.
October 9,    SEICHIM    (advanced Reiki)           (Crystal Bay Marina) – Like Reiki, Seichim is a form of energy work that was lost to Europeans and their descendants, but the Cherokees in the Asaga Medicine Society have never lost it. We will share what we know with you during this class.
October 23,    Fire Ritual        (at Farm)  -  In this class you will learn about the twelve limitations in life, the ten qualities that free us of limitations, and you will be taken through the process to make an alliance with the Spirit of Fire.
November 6,     Medicine Wheel        (at Farm) – This is a nine hour class in which you will learn about how to build truly powerful medicine wheels, and work with them for personal empowerment, spiritual guidance, and to bring healing to both yourself and others. We will build a medicine wheel during the class, and you will go home with a portable kit to build a medicine wheel of your own wherever you may be.
November 20,    Medicine Bag   ( the making and blessing of)  open discussion afterward        (Crystal Bay Marina) – There is much more to making medicine bags and bundles than sticking some things in a bag or bundle and calling it one. Learn the ritual process for making it work, and hear true stories about the changes these ritual items have made in the lives of people who received them.
December 4,    Sweat Lodge        (at Farm) – Learn about the great power in Matriarchal sweat lodges, and how to do the ritual. In this class we will build a sweat lodge, and take you through the ritual. This is a long class going from 9AM until the end of the ritual that evening. There will be approximately four hours of instruction, three to four hours of building the lodge, and approximately four hours to do the ritual. Participants should bring healthy foods for lunch, dinner, and after the sweat lodge.
December 18,    Breath Work       (Crystal Bay Marina) – Breath-work is one of the most powerful meditation practices in the work, and almost all ancient and aboriginal tribes have done some kind of this work. This will be a four hour class, two hours before dinner and afterward, in which you will be taken through instruction on how to do the work for healing and empowerment, and then through several different forms of breath-work for different purposes. You will go home with a handout telling how to do breath-work for many different situations and types of healing.
Our meetings are open for your interested guests to attend.
All attendees should bring a notebook and pen or pencil. New attendees are welcome to investigate their personal interest in the Native American Ways.
We Provide food at the meetings.  (if you have foods you cannot eat, let us know)
RSVP if you are attending and how many will be in your party.
“REMEMBER”  Nothing is what you get for nothing.  Our lessons and food are great so a donation which fits your budget will be accepted.
Please mark your calendar and respond to our e-mail notices so we can be prepared for the meetings.
For more information contact Dick Barton at
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