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Mahakali: Goddess of this Age
The last two-thousand years of every Cycle of Ages is known as a Kali Yuga, and Mahakali oversees each of these "end time" periods. Simply put, She destroys the decadence that has run rampant over the earth, and frees us of the bondage in which we as humans have become imprisoned. Mahakali does this by destroying the traditions, in all areas of life, that have robbed us of our freedom. These traditions, are religious, social, familial, relational, business-related and personal in nature. And, they no longer serve us or the earth.
The last thirteen years of the Kali Yuga are known as the Days of Transition, and this period has 1.5 years to go at the time of this writing. When it is over, most of the world will go kicking and screaming in protest into the Golden Age, and this includes the New Age light workers who claim to look forward to it. Why? Because they enjoy their decadence and complexity of life, they are used to it, and they don't want to give it up.
History, archeology and anthropology have proven that Mahakali is the oldest of the known deities on the face of the earth, and that Ganesha (Her son) and Mahakala (Her consort) are jointly the second oldest. The Hindus call Her Kali, we Cherokees call Her Monolah (Mother Earth), the Christians embody Her within the Black Madonna, and every other religion on the face of the earth has some name or concept that represents her. In ancient MU, She was known as Amara-Omni.
Not only is Mahakali the oldest Goddess in the world, but She is the most maligned as well. She is revered as the Goddess of the Shamans, and we truly honor Her in every way. The Hindus also give Her the honor She is due even though they split Her into ten parts as the Wisdom Goddesses, and yet still honor Her entirety as Mahakali. However, the Hindus were also afraid of Her until just over two thousand years ago, and tried to relegate Her to a minor role because of thiner fear until the approaching Kali Yuga forced them to change thiner actions. The Tibetan Buddhists have so feared Her that they have split her into four parts, and removed Her name, and the Christians have feared and hated Her the most of all.
The Church has long sought to slander and defame the Goddess by focusing on the seemingly darkest of the myths concerning Her which they have taken completely out of context, and which they have chosen to arrogantly interpret within the views and beliefs of western culture rather than the eastern culture in which Her wisdom has been preserved. That being said, there are now two books which show the truth of who She is. We will cover the oldest first, and the best last.
The oldest is "The Book of Kali" by Seema Mohanty. She begins the book with the following statement:
"Her outstretched tongue distinguishes her from all other goddesses in the Hindu pantheon. Her nakedness, unbound hair, association with blood and gore, and unbridled sexuality challenge conventional ideas of divinity. So much so that to the uninformed eye Kali appears less as a manifestation of the divine, and more as a bloodthirsty ogress - a patron of thugs and sorcerers."
This book was last published in 2004 by Penguin Books of India. The ISBN is 0-67-005773-8, and you can find it on thiner website at It is an excellent primer for beginning to develop an understanding of Mahakali, and has samples of artwork concerning Her that help to graphically illustrate what is written about in the text. My personal suggestion is that you read this book first to get a basic overview of Kali as the Hindu world knows her.
The second book is written by Shambhavi L. Chopra, and is entitled "Yogic Secrets of the Dark Goddess". Published by Wisdom Tree, this book gives the truth about Mahakali like nothing else available in this world short of personal experience. Whether you are a curious seeker of the truth or a Kali devotee of many years, this book will enrich your understanding of the primal Goddess from whom all of Creation has been born. The description on the back of the book says it far better than I can:
"Yogic Secrets of the Dark Goddess unfolds the mystic beauty of Kali, the most powerful but misunderstood of the great goddesses of India. The book is a living experience of the Goddess, both at a personal level and throughout the world of Nature. It unfolds a vast panorama of insight, devotion, mantra, and meditation that propels the reader into a new vision of reality beyond life and death. Probably the most comprehensive and innovative examination of Ma Kali in recent decades, the book reveals all dimensions of life and consciousness in Kali's transformative dance."
I have known the truth about Mahakali for many years, and have sought a resource that could expand my understanding while serving as a text to help further the understanding of others. This is the book that I have sought. It's ISBN is 978-81-8328-096-9, and you can purchase your copy through You won't regret it.
Other resources concerning Mahakali can be found in the tab titled "Mahakali Package" hereon our website. The courses and attunements in this package will ramp up the healing energies flowing through you, and will vastly increase the level of enlightenment available to you in this lifetime. And, should you have any questions about our personal experiences with Her then please feel free to contact us. The same goes for any need for help in getting to know Her yourself. It will be my great pleasure to serve you in this way.
When you meditate upon Mahakali in the depths of her Darkest form you find yourself in a place called the Void. The Void is the heart of the Great Mother Goddess, and it is filled with Unmanifest Energy. At first you are surrounded by Darkness that is blacker than the darkest night, and then you begin to "see" something different. Far away, at the edge of Night, you begin to see the beginnings of Light! Darkness is Unmanifest Energy, and all true Light comes out of Darkness.
All of the many Kali statues we have today come from one that was first carved to represent the Mahakali High Priestess four Cycles of Ages ago. Before that, people honored Kali by worshiping Her in the darkness of the New Moon when there was no other light to be seen in the world as all fires were either extinguished or hidden, and new fires were kindled at dawn.
At that time the Mahakali High Priestess, named Ismiradoo, had become ill and was dying so a statue was carved to represent her Blessing the people of the Himalayas when she was unable to leave her bed. Later, people began carving copies of the statue, and they began using it to represent Kali after Ismiradoo had died. The original statues were naked, black with a red tongue, two arms with red palms on the hands and two legs with red soles on the feet. And, the necklace was the first of the Mahakali Storm/Tantric Rudra necklaces which is currently owned by Raven Mahakali.
Neither Ismiradoo nor Mahakali had ever intended for the statues to be used in this way. Mahakali still remains as the Goddess of the Night, Time and the Great Void, and it is impossible to completely represent Her grandeur and power in the confines of even a thousand different statues.
The Great Mother Kali was created by what we know as the Original Mind, which is neither female nor male, and which created one thing only: the spirit we know as the Divine Feminine or the Great Mother. All of the rest of Creation was birthed out of Her as birthing is women's business and only peripherally the business of men.
We honor the Great Mother Kali for what She does in our lives, and we also honor Her by following Her example and giving our highest worship and praise to the Original Mind who is the Great Light at the edge of the Void. In doing so then we gain the ability to bring our own Light of Creation out of the Unmanifest Energy of the Void of Mahakali.
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