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      Ithaca, New York Classes
Cherokee Medicine Way Mondays
These classes will be taught each Monday evening at 744 Creamery Road about two miles west of Harford, NY. When you turn onto Creamery Road in Harford the addresses are in the 200s and are going down. The last address you will see before our's is #21, and then you cross the county line, and #744 will be on your left.
We tried to teach at a facility in Ithaca, but they have informed us that only the most basic classes are allowed to be taught there, and none of the members of the class are in a beginner's category. The classes begin at 6PM and go to at least 8PM. We will go longer if people need it, and by doing it at our own location then we can do any ritual work that needs to be done without worrying about  upsetting the board of directors at the foundation where we were before now. None of our Monday classes require previous attendance to be able to participate and understand what is going on.
The presenter of this three year series of classes is Dr. Clifford N. Alford (Cherokee name: Henowetak Wunabee) of the Asaga Medicine Society.
This class is taught for donations.
Some subjects we will cover:
Matriarchal Society and how it works
Cherokee Medicine Philosophy
Herbs for Food and Healing
The Use of Feathers, Crystals and Stones
How to build and use Medicine Wheels
How to build and operate Matriarchal Sweat Lodges
The Asaga Medicine Society
Deathwalking (Native American Hospice Training)
The Sacred Pipe Ceremonies
How to find your Guardian Animal Spirit
How to find your Upper Realm Teacher
Truth Finding
Shamanic Counseling
Cherokee Meditation
Cherokee Sexual Healing
The History of this land the White Government will never tell you.
How and when to balance and utilize both Natural/Native American and Pharmaceutical Medicine
Native American Farming Techniques
Making Alliances with the Spirits of Nature
The Nine Realms of the Underworld
Tobacco Offerings and Healing Rituals
Wilderness Survival
How to talk with the Spirits
Herbal Wildcrafting
Working with the Little People
How to gain Power from Nature
The Ukdena (Dragon) Healing System aka: Why we have never really needed Reiki or Seichim
We will also discuss the health concerns of people in each class, and teach you how to heal others while healing yourself
And much more...
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