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 The Grand Naga Order of the Asaga Medicine Society

There are many “Light Workers” in this world who are afraid of the Dark Lodge and spiritual Darkness in general, and yet the fact remains that just as we all have both masculine and feminine energies within us we also have both Darkness and Light within us. And, it is also a fact of life that all Light is born out of Darkness. Neither Darkness nor Light is inherently good or evil – those are subjective terms at best – but we must maintain Balance between the two in both ourselves and in the rest of Creation for the purpose of being able to live in the state of being in which we have free will. The absence of either one would cause free will to cease to exist.
Many so-called “Light Workers” do their best to destroy the Darkness out of ignorance, and the Dark Lodge tries to destroy the Light out of design while the Great White Brotherhood works to maintain the delicate balance between the two. A part of this effort is about making peace between humans and the Nagas.

The Nine Realms
The Nine Realms of the Underworld are the home of the Nagas who are primarily water dragons and serpents. In Tibetan Buddhism they talk about the six Loki which are six of the nine realms, and do a very interesting vision quest type activity where a person spends six weeks naked in the wilderness and working in one of the six Loki per week to bring about healing and enlightenment in those realms as well as in themselves. For more information on the Buddhist practices visit Another excellent source is a three book series of teaching novels called the Traveler Trilogy by John Twelvehawks. Not only are they an entertaining read, but they are a blueprint for a resistance movement that can counter the invasive tactics of many modern governments such as in the USA, and I encourage you to read them.
In both the Tibetan Shamanic and Cherokee and Iroquoian Medicine traditions we still deal with the full Nine Realms, and it would take writing a book to explain it all to you. So, since one has already been written then I will recommend that you get a copy of “Dreaming the Council Ways” by Ohky Simine Forest.

The part about the Nine Realms of the Underworld begins on page 97. But, I encourage you to read the entire book. The book is usually available on in both paperback and Kindle versions.


The Grand Naga Order
As we have mentioned before, there are nine realms in the Underworld, and this is an area where no one has been able to travel easily in the past. Indeed, going there has been quite dangerous, and many who have done so have either been trapped or have died there. And, if this has happened when the person was astral projecting there then their bodies have eventually died here as well. However, in the Tibetan and Iroquois traditions we have known that anyone who is able to travel successfully through all nine realms is then freed from the karmic cycle and never has to return to this world again, but they can continue onward through higher and more rewarding journeys and destinations in their process of spiritual enlightenment.
In the Grand Naga Order you will go through nine levels of initiation. The first will be an initiation into the 1 Realm, and it will include an alliance with Sesha. Then there will be a time of training and empowerment as you learn to work with Nagas in general, and with both myself and King Sesha specifically until such a time as I will find the woman to take this on since Queen Naga Kanja is now finished with earthly incarnations and activities. When we are satisfied with your level of progress and spiritual growth then you will be allowed to initiate into the 2 Realm, and so on until you have been initiated into each of the Nine Realms.
How to Apply for Membership
Not everyone is suited to work directly with Nagas, and so there is an application process, and there is also the pre-requisite of being initiated as a Kapalika Aghori whether you are Apprenticed as such or not. You can read about that initiation process at Send an email to the following email address that contains your reason for desiring to be a member of this spiritual Order, and include your date, time and place of birth with it. The email address is as follows:
If you are accepted for initiation into the Grand Naga Order then further instructions will be sent to you. If you are not then you will be referred to the spiritual order that is best for you. This will not mean that you are less than those accepted to this Order, but simply that you have a different roll to play and that there is a better way for you to do this.

We have begun a new Cycle of Ages beginning a 26,000 year process and the old tribes are dying while new tribes are beginning. Everything about which we have become complacent is being stripped away, and we are required to find new and better ways to do things. The founding of this Order is a part of that process.


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