The Naked Shaman - Ancient Wisdom for the 21st Century
The Order of the EarthKeepers Circle

The main purpose of the EarthKeepers Circle is to protect and heal Mother Earth; the land and water, ourselves and all our relations. The animals, plants, trees, stones, etc...  And anything else that needs attending to.

We Teach about what is going on in the world and what we can do to make things better, and how we can improve ourselves and others.
We have seminars, gatherings, projects and activities.

My Cherokee name is Uji Inage-i  (Mother of the Wilderness), and my English name is Donna Havens. I am the High Priestess of the EarthKeepers Circle. You can contact me at And, one of the most powerful Shamans in the world, Peter Aziz, is the High Priest of the EarthKeepers Circle. Between us, we have a vast knowledge of ways to heal and safeguard our Mother Earth, and it is our desire to share this information with you.

We also desire to connect with other like-minded groups so that we can all work on projects together. If you are a part of a group with a similar agenda then please contact us so that we can work together for the good of the earth on those things in which we have in common. 

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