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      Catastrophic Spiritual Weapons

Due to the failure of a number of people tasked with Great Works for this new Cycle of Ages attunements have been set up for a group of spiritual weapons that we had hoped would be allowed to cease to exist in this world with the deaths of the three of us who are able to make them at will due to our levels of Initiation in both Kali Naga Sorcery and the Asaga Siddha Marg. Five of the six will be shown here, but the sixth will never be shared and so it will die with me even if I have negative karma for making it so. Here they are along with information on what they do:

The Stealer of Souls
Spirit daggers - and especially those classed as “Eaters of Souls” - have been around for over two-hundred thousand years, and are some of the most feared magical implements on this planet as well as many others. Essentially, they are weapons of war, and if things had gone differently than they recently have for this new Cycle of Ages then they would no longer have been needed in this world and its dimensions and realms. However, that is not the case and so I will not be destroying this dagger, but making the use of this energy available to the select few of you on the Kapalika Aghora Path and in the Knights of Mahakala. Those of the Knights who actually receive it will be up to their four highest commanders – the Grand Masters - to determine.
Spirit daggers in general are used for such things as banishing and liberating spirits, and often for exorcisms and for some forms of healing as well as ritual work done to cut away ignorance in the spirit world. These forms will be around for at least another two Cycles of Ages now, and it remains to be seen as to how we progress as to whether or not we can be freed from the need for the Eaters of Souls after this new Cycle or not. General use spirit daggers include such tools as the Phurba and Tibetan Sorcerer’s daggers of which there is ample information available concerning their use.
Thai Sorcerer’s daggers are often such protective implements as the Meed Mor knives, and other such iron body protection implements, and sexual empowerment and attraction tools. Such daggers as this one are set up for more benign purposes of magical healing and ritual work by a Thai Lama Monk. However, such weapons are often taken and dark sorcerers then hide the more vicious and evil energies within them for their own nefarious uses. This one, however, is an “Eater of Souls” which is the most deadly and nefarious of all such daggers, and we will get into more of that later, but we will get a more detailed understanding of the souls of the body in both humans and animals first.

The first Eater of Souls was created by the Annunaki approximately 212,000 years ago for the purpose of harvesting and feeding upon the planetary populations which worship them as gods, and yet are actually their version of sheep and cattle. It is for this reason that when members of the New Age Movement tell me how the UFOs are coming to “take us all away before the earth is destroyed” that I thank them for being willing to leave and be the “food of the gods” and leaving me to enjoy all of the things they will be leaving behind. When they get to the top of the “slaughterhouse chutes” then some of them will be kept in pens for later use, and many will be harvested with the “Eaters of Souls” to feed the rulers of the Annunaki on the ships while their bodies will feed their servants.
Just over 200,000 years ago one of the “sheeple” did not cooperate, stole the original “Eater of Souls”, fed upon the energy of the Annunaki, and fled back to earth with the energy and wisdom of the creator of the dread blade filling his aura. It is because of that that we now have the ability to create such weapons ourselves and the Annunaki are now much less willing to come to our planet.
Essentially, what the Eater of Souls does is that it takes either all or part of the energy of a person’s souls into itself, and then it shares the majority of the energy with its “owner”, and it keeps some for itself as well. How much or little it takes is dependent upon many things such as the intent of the user, the thirst of the spirit of the dagger which can sometimes overpower and control its “owner”, and whether it is used in a battle or for self-defense where there is no intention other than survival. Such weapons are best not used by humans for hunting as the knife will take the energy that other humans need for nourishment and only share with its owner. The dagger shown here is charged so that it will only share with me no matter who else may ever use it either with or without my permission.

There is a symbiotic relationship that is formed with such a blade as an Eater of Souls such that it can feel your hunger and weakness, and you can feel it’s as well. This can get a bit maddening at times. This can occasionally result in its killing and feeding upon someone who you love or care about to sustain you as it is often unable to live and function as a sentient being without you. Therefore, one must always be careful about so much as wearing it publicly. There have also been instances where one was left lying around, and someone pulled it out and accidentally cut themselves with rather catastrophic results.
Another aspect of the cost is living with the image imprinted in your mind by the horror of the ones upon whom the blade feeds as they realize exactly what is happening to them. Often they speak of how cold they feel as their energy drains rapidly out of them, and if they are still at least partially aware then that sense of horror often grows when they see what happens to you. And, you will sometimes hear the briefest hint of their voices within your mind for years to come.
So, what could possibly make having such a weapon even remotely worth it? Sometimes during battles it will feel your weakness and will feed you just enough energy to keep you going strong. Then, when the battle is finished it will feed the majority of the energy it has taken in from others into you, and a cold ecstatic fire will race through you bringing you all of the spiritual and psychic capabilities of the vanquished ones to you in such a way that will often result in a physical full body orgasm. This is a major RUSH, and the first time that you experience it will result in your looking forward to the next time in a major way.

The Ganesha Garuda Ritual War Hammer
The War Hammer of the First Shaman is not only deadly in the physical world, but is even more so in the spirit world. Not only is it an “Eater of Souls”, but it is an “Enslaver of the Spirit”, and many have been held captive unknowingly for many lifetimes. Now you will know how to both do it and to undo it.

Unlike many ritual weapons, these ritual war hammers are useful for physical warfare as well as spiritual warfare. And, it is also useful for climbing mountains and many other activities as well. Indeed, with the aid of a dying tree then you can also either enslave or free spirits quite powerfully, and we will show you how to do so in this manual.
In the pre-Hindu tribal traditions, and in the early Hindu forms that eventually became the modern religion of our day and time, it was safe to say that these war hammers were the same as the Native American tomahawk. However, unlike Native Americans the Shamans of that part of the world realized a different use for them and they and the Sorcerers found the way to use them to steal souls and enslave spirits. And, these were not just human spirits but those of animals as well. Being both a Stealer of Souls, and so having its own symbiotic spirit, and an enslaver of spirits it gave its owner a vampiric rush and then kept on giving as the enslaved spirit began to serve its new master. This slavery was so complete that the enslaved spirit serves its master in both the spirit world and the physical world for as long as its master chooses to keep it.
There are many people who do dark and evil deeds and don’t understand why they do them. Many of these poor and confused people are the ones who are enslaved and who do what their subconscious is told to do even though their conscious mind hears no audible command. This is actually a very insidious form of spiritual possession. One of my favorite uses for it is to enslave enemy commanders and then cause them to have their military unit fire upon their neighboring units saying that they have betrayed their leaders when they really have not. Before the battle ends then they have all killed many of their own loyal soldiers. It is always to be preferred for an army to die by “friendly fire” rather than risking your own troops in the process. Is it insidious? Absolutely! Is it evil? My enemies always think so. Does it work exceptionally well? You bet it does! So, I will keep on doing it.

The Lightning Mace Empowerment
In China the warriors of that land used first bronze, then brass and then steel maces made from four feet long rods attached to a sword handle. Sometimes these are also known as flails. This one is less than two feet long, is bronze, is shaped like a sword and is about an inch thick. It has a glass handle which is fractured in several places, and it has been broken in two at some time in the past and repaired sometime within the past thirty years with a modern steel nut and bolt inserted between the handle and the mace bar. That is okay as the energy to do the sorcerous work is still there and very strong.
Due to the weight and strength of this weapon it is able to be used in physical combat as well as in spiritual combat, and in that regard its main function is to rain ethereal and physical lightning storms all over a given area. Do the breath-work meditations from the Stealer of Souls Empowerment a lot and the area that you can affect with this energy will grow. Don’t do those meditations at all and it will not work for you at all either.
This is the third in a series of five Dark Weapons that can lead to either a just and righteous victory over the Dark Lodge or to the damnation of the spirit of those who use them wrongly for many lifetimes. These weapons are the closest things to the absolute spiritual power to destroy the lives of both individuals and nations, and to wreak havoc upon the face of the earth as well as upon other worlds.
This is one of the deadliest empowerments I will ever make possible for any of you to receive with the exception of the Banes that follow this one. The only people outside of the Order of the Knights of Mahakala who will ever receive this are the Kapalika Aghori as nothing is ever denied to them which can further immerse them into their Darkness. 

There are two uses for it besides bludgeoning someone to death with it in physical combat, and they are to rain down etheric lightning in the spirit world, and/or to rain down physical lightning in the physical world. Either one can be very devastating, but neither is exceptionally accurate, and one can be dangerous for you as well since raining down physical lightning leaves an ach of energy from the storm to your location which can be tracked by both other sorcerers and by weather satellites in space. It is for that reason that the use of this weapon for etheric lightning is the generally preferred method of use in combat.
One of the problems with this weapon is that it does not function well as a tactical weapon for surgical strikes against individual targets, but is used to devastate large areas as a strategic weapon. If you want to act in a tactical arena you must either use the first two weapons in this series or some other tool all together. That leaves you to decide if you should use the etheric energy or the physical energy or both to take out your target area. Let’s consider well each possible action:
  1. Etheric Lightning – this energy is spiritual in nature, and it sets up devastating events in the area it strikes. A drawback to it is that this sets up a corresponding physical response, but there is no way to accurately predict when it will take effect and what exactly it will destroy.
  2. Physical Lightning – Not only does this leave a physical arc of energy from the point of the attack to your location, but it can also hit you if the attack is too close as it will be drawn to the energy of the weapon. And, again, you have no real control over who or what it strikes in the target area so the possibility exists that innocent people, animals and places may be struck while your intended target may not be. However, if your target is a large army spread over the area then you do what you must. Like it or not, innocent people die in wars everyday. That is simply reality.
  3. Etheric and Physical Lightning combined – Bring the two together and you have a physical storm in short order, and other activities taking place over the next few days or weeks. It can be a very brutal process including all or many of the ways in which Mother Earth cleanses herself such as tornadoes, earthquakes, wild fires, hail, rain, thunder storms, large meteors, winter storms with high winds, ice and snow, hurricanes, and any number of other possibilities such as the tsunami that took out Fukushima. The point here is that you have no real control over it except to determine the general area where the devastation will take place, but you have no real control over exactly when it will happen, or how long it will go on either.

Each of these actions have their own strengths and weaknesses so it behooves us to take our time in making such decisions so as to explore all of the possible outcomes.
Here is something else to consider, you can also use this weapon to attack any place in the thirteen dimensions or the nine realms, and also to attack other worlds. Be very careful if you do as there is no telling who or what may come after you for doing so. There are some beings out there who can sense, feel or smell an Etheric imprint and follow it anywhere, and some of them are exceptional cruel and inventive and like to toy with their food before eating it in slow and imaginative ways. So, be careful about who or what you piss off!

The Bane of Existence Empowerment
The ability to destroy the quality of life and desire to live for both individuals and groups. 

Birds with bat wings, an arrow with fins, and a head on the pommel crying with despair make up the primary parts of this 18.5-inch long short sword. However, in it lies the ability to destroy all of the joy of life so that only sorrow and bare existence is all that remains from which many will flee in suicide. Surely those who use such a weapon without the karmic right to do so will have at least one lifetime of the same to contemplate the error of their ways. And, they will dream about what they have done to others that brought this upon themselves.
This is the fourth in a series of five Dark Weapons that can lead to either a just and righteous victory over the Dark Lodge or to the damnation of the spirit of those who use them for many lifetimes. These weapons are the closest things to the absolute spiritual power to destroy the lives of both individuals and nations, and to wreak havoc upon the face of the earth as well as upon other worlds.
The Bane of Life Empowerment
The ability to destroy the health and prosperity of individuals, groups or regions of the world. This ancient Bronze Age ritual knife from Mongolia is one of the most evil ritual tools that have ever been created. Not only is it capable for the one attuned to this energy to rot both physical beings and societies to death from the inside out, but it has the capability to do so spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically in either, all or any combination of ways. And, its energy is required for the Sorcerer to be able to be empowered (cursed) to work with a sixth weapon known as the “Bitter Cup”. However, most people do not live through that sixth initiation process, and it will likely never be allowed to anyone again as there is only one person still alive who has the right to grant the initiation, and that person desires above all else the destruction of that weapon.

This is the fifth and final empowerment in a series of five Dark Weapons that can lead to either a just and righteous victory over the Dark Lodge or to the damnation of the spirit of those who use them for many lifetimes. These weapons are the closest things to the absolute spiritual power to destroy the lives of both individuals and nations, and to wreak havoc upon the face of the earth as well as upon other worlds.
It works by causing all of the plants in an area to go through their entire life cycle in a few hours, go to seed, and then wither and die even as the soil, water and air in the determined area that is being attacked. This will be so for a minimum of three years and a maximum of fifteen years after which the soil, water and air will once again sustain life and the previously dormant seeds will grow. This process also causes all animals, arachnid and insect life to go mad and attack every human in the area who is not on the protected list of six special people in this world or who are not helping them directly. The slightest wavering in their resolve and dedication will result in their destruction. In the end, the only inhabitants to remain in the area after the protected ones have left will be giant poisonous scorpions. 

How to receive these Empowerments
The only people who receive these empowerments are either the members of an ancient group of Knights who are dedicated to the service of Mahakali or those who are either Kapalika Aghora Apprentices or have completed that process, and we have the entire list of those who are living and able to receive these empowerments. So, if you think that you should have the right to wield these weapons of power and doom then earn it. The only ways to do that are by being accepted as an Apprentice in Kapalika Aghora, which you can learn about by clicking on the tab above this on to the left, or by joining the Warrior Knights of the Golden Circle (, and being chosen by their Grand Masters to receive this responsibility. No others are permitted to have them. So, are you good enough?


Vashikaran Mae Yua Mueang Empowerments
This one is not a catastrophic weapon of any kind, but you may find it interesting as it is only available to Kapalika Aghori as well. What it does is make it possible for you to control the will of other people so that they will serve you in any way including sexually. You can use it to get people to like you, to get your boss to promote you over other people, and even to cause people to willingly become your slave for multiple lifetimes. 

So, why you may ask would we make this sort of thing possible for our Apprentices? The answer is quite simple in that you must be willing to move through your greatest Darkness and Shadows if you hop to find the great Light on the other side. 

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