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Border Wars: What you Need to Know
  By Dr. Sir Clifford Alford, Founder & General Manager
     The New Mexico Border Watch "Rough Riders"

In January of 2005 I was serving as the Border Area Coordinator for US Citizens Corp which is the volunteer end of the Department of Homeland Security to which task I had been appointed by the New Mexico State Citizens Corp Council. That basically meant that I worked my ass off for free coordinating the recruiting and training of police, fire and medical reserves and Community Emergency Response Teams in the five county area of New Mexico that was considered the border area. I also served on the Board of Directors for the Southern New Mexico Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, and so got to visit with many of our 550 members in the process. Working both jobs together was good for all of us. One day, while driving down a washboard road to a little village in the seeming middle of nowhere, I made a grisly discover that would change my life forever.

As I drove along through the alkali dust and cactus, I saw a foot sticking out onto the road from a bunch of mesquite, stopped, backed up and got out. What I found was what looked like about and eighty year old woman who was stripped naked, and tied to the branches of a mesquite tree with long thorns sticking through her arms in several places. This was what is known as a "Rape Tree", and she had been brutally gang raped and left to die. It was obvious that she had died hard, and I called the US Border Patrol after I got through puking my guts out from the smell. 

Three US Border Patrol Agents showed up about and hour later, looked at the body and the evidence, called a medevac unit to come get the body to be taken to be autopsied, and said that was all that they could do. I asked about tracking down the cretins who did this, and they said that they were not trackers. So, I opened up the back of my Honda CRV, changed into a desert camouflage uniform, camouflaged my face and hands, put on a pack with four canteens of water, and also uncased a Russian sentry removal pistol and the Red Chinese version of the same in rifle form. One of the Beeps (slang for a US Border Patrol Agent) asked just what I thought I was doing, and I told him that I used to serve as an Infantry Scout and could track anything anywhere, and that they could either come with me to arrest them, or I could tell them where the bodies were when I was finished with them. 

They decided to tag along to "protect" me, and we caught up with them in time to arrest all 18 of them. Then we found out that the "old woman" was actually the dried out remains of a seventeen year old girl who was the cousin of one these men, and that they had all raped her - her cousin included - and had left her to die. Along the way I had told the Beeps what I was doing out there, and one had said, "Why don't you recruit an reserve for us?" I had told him that I would if one of their officers would send me a letter on their letterhead requesting it. That letter was hand delivered to me one week later. 

Two months later we had recruited 142 military combat veterans to serve in what was known as the US Border Patrol Auxiliary, and they had been trained by off duty Beeps. I had used ACLU literature to educate them concerning the rights of all people in this country, illegal aliens included, and had also recruited a civil rights attorney from the ACLU to help supervise both the training and our operations on the border. The last thing we wanted in New Mexico was the same sort of crap that was being foisted on the border area of Arizona by Chris Simcox and the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp. 

Just before our first patrol was to be conducted then Governor Bill Richardson found out about us and freaked out since he liked having a lot of cheap slave labor in the state. He ordered the board to fire me, and they did so just before they quit in protest. My folks and I talked about it, and decided to do it anyway, but most of them wanted to change our name to the New Mexico Minute Men. We did so for a couple of months, and then changed our name yet again to New Mexico Border Watch to keep people from confusing us with the lowlife scum of the earth in the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp.

We had several main goals for our operations:
1. To defend the citizens of the USA who lived along the border and were raped, robbed and murdered on a regular basis, and whose homes, farms and ranches were being vandalized and burglarized when they were not home to defend them. The myth about the poor little Mexicans who just want a job and never hurt anyone really is just a myth. Most of them are pretty decent, but many are also bad to the bone!

2. To run search and rescue operations for lost illegal aliens as we knew that for every body found dead there were approximately seven that were not found, and 286 bodies had been found by the Beeps in the twelve months before we began. All of you bleeding heart liberal complainers who tried to slander us then, and still do so now, should do the math on that, and know that we left cases of water with packets of Emergen-C on trails all over the border area with warnings that hot water alone was just as deadly as no water, and instructions on where to go to find help. Most illegal aliens have never been camping for even one night, and they think that when they come across the border into "the land of milk and honey" then all of their wildest dreams will come true. Instead, they find that they are around 40 miles from any major road, they are usually abandoned by their coyotes (human smugglers), and the "dreams" that do come true are all of their worst nightmares.

3. To locate the bandits who were preying upon the illegals on both sides of the border, and aid in their arrest and prosecution for their crimes, and to assist the Beeps in countering the activities of smugglers by taking care the problem areas that they knew about, but were often ordered to do nothing to prevent the illegal activities by corrupt  higher officials in the US Government. Simply put, the Beeps would call and say that they had a "problem" at a certain place where they were not allowed to deal with it, and so we would go and deal with it for them. One time the International Boundary Commission threatened to arrest me for it, and then refused to do so when I begged them to do it and let me tell the truth about their duplicity, complete with photographic and video proof, in open court.

4. To lobby the US Congress for both effective border security and a fair immigration policy like what we had before the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Since the US Government and businesses no longer had blacks to use as second class citizens and slave labor they did away with the Brusera guest worker program, and still worked to entice Hispanics to come here to work so that they could be the new slaves. This needs to end, and with the help of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) we almost succeeded. More on that later.

5. To provide information to groups of potential illegal aliens moving along the border road with information about how to enter the country legally, and to provide assistance to those who decided to do so.

6. To educate the general public concerning the true conditions on the border that were being concealed by both the ultra-right-wing conservatives and the bleeding heart liberals, and to help bring a balanced view of what was really happening there. We (especially me) were well and thoroughly hated by both sides because we dared to take a moderate stance.

7. To continue our operations until both the State of New Mexico and the US Federal Government had adequately secured the border. When we began our operations there were only 75 Beeps on the entire New Mexico - Old Mexico border and 95% of the illegals and smugglers entering the country were not caught or rescued, and when we left there 451 Beeps per border county, 200 members of the New Mexico State Police and 889 members of the New Mexico National Guard on the border. And, only 2% of the illegal aliens and smugglers were getting through with only 17 bodies found during the next year. We were a resounding success on that end of things, and so have no regrets.

8. And, to set up an international "neighborhood watch" group living on both sides of the border. We did so successfully, and citizens of both the USA and Mexico now look out for each other making the border crime problem a lot less except for the drug cartels that are now fighting in some of the cities. But, in the country things are much safer and a lot friendlier.

The entire operation lasted 13 months and 2 weeks, and personally cost me $20,000.00 which took the better part of four years to pay off. If our detractors are smart enough to do the math, which I doubt, then you will realize that i paid off the last of those bills two years ago. But, the savings in reduced crime on the New Mexico border, and the massive reduction in lives needlessly lost in the desert, made it all very much worth it. I am not a Christian, and have little use for any kind of organized religion, but I will share one with you from the Christians black book that fits here:  "To him who knows to do good and does it not, to him it is sin". I am a former US Special Operations operative with both the US Army and CIA and a Templar Knight, there was a problem, and I was the right man for the job that needed to be done. I did the job, and can live with myself because of it. If I had not done so then every time I heard about another crime or death on the border then it would have eaten at my spirit like a cancer. 

During that time I was attacked and slandered by the State and National Boards of the ACLU who never once were interested in the reasons why we did what we did. They even tried to force the Southern New Mexico Chapter to kick me out and their response was to elect me as the President of the Board for the next year. Having no real interest in protecting the rights of US citizens over those of illegal aliens the National ACLU responded by disbanding the entire chapter and kicking out our 551 members. 

The ACLU had a particularly stupid group of allies in the form of the Southern Poverty Law Center that put up a number of websites to slander leaders all along the border with outright lies that were so ludicrous that you had to wonder if they had actually managed to finish law school or had bought their credentials from a diploma mill. They also enlisted other websites with an ultra-liberal agenda to join in the attacks to try and discredit us in the realms of our chosen professions. One such group is called "New Age Fraud". I sent them a rebuttal to their lies, but they were too cowardly to post it. However, since these two organizations (the ACLU and the SPLC) have, as the saying goes, "more money and attorneys than God" then there was little that we could do about it. As to those who have listened to the lies, all that I can say to you is, judge them by the good the Creator does through them, and judge me in the same way. It will all work out and be clear in the end.

When we first began, I had tried to talk with the leaders of the various Hispanic civil rights groups, and they had all followed the lead of the State ACLU and not talked with me. Later, when NPR was doing a documentary on the border strife I got to be on a panel with Pablo Martinez who was the State President of LULAC. When he realized that we had so much in common concerning our views then he bemoaned the fact that we had not talked sooner. I will admit that I was less than gracious in reminding him of the many times that I had tried. He credited my levelheadedness with being the single greatest thing in preventing a full scale border war during that time, and I couldn't help but agree with him.

Shortly after NPR had finished their documentary and panel series then Pablo called to ask me to talk with the National Board for LULAC along with a Federal Mediator, and I agreed to do so. When I went to the meeting there were around twenty of them and one of me. One of them commented that it was a brave thing for me to be there alone, and I said that with a bunch of civilians and me the odds were still in my favor. He told me that he was a US Marine, and Gilberto Flores and I have been good friends ever since then. I am also proud to count Pablo Martinez as a friend of mine as well. They are both great men, and i gave a recommendation for Pablo on Linked-In. I meant every word of it then, and I still do.

When we got finished with that meeting we had hammered out a document in which our two organizations disagreed on only one point, and the mediator took it to Washington, D.C. where it became the McCain-Martinez Immigration Reform Bill. Only the security portions of the bill were passed, and the immigration reform parts were not. But, we had tried and continue to try from time to time. We are still in the middle, and are still pretty much hated by both sides.

There is a lot more that went on during that time, and you can learn about some of it in NPR's five part documentary as well as in a documentary by Carol McKinley who reported for FOX News at the time. There were also two appearances on the show called "The O'Reilly  Factor" where Bill actually surprised people by treating me with the greatest politeness and respect. He may have been having a bad day, but I have to admit that i liked him. And, there is a lot more that you will never hear both because its just too painful to talk about, and if you were either too self-centered or not courageous enough to be there then its simply none of your business. 

There are still some people doing the slander bit, and I hear about them from time to time. The vast majority of them are too cowardly to say anything to my face, and I doubt they ever will. Some still send me death threats from time to time, and I encourage them to bring it on. If one of them ever does then I expect that I will take out all of my frustrations with seven years of sniveling, whining backbiters all at once. How can they expect it to go down? Visit, and I just bet that you will be able to figure it out.

This is the last time that I will give an answer for what I did and why I did it. At least, its the last time I will answer it with words.

Awaninsgi (Cherokee: I have spoken!)

Dr. Sir Clifford Alford, KnTpl, Th.D, DD,

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